EduHive Africa


Early Childhood Education:

The importance of effective instruction for our youngest learners (ages 3-6)

Did you know that children who receive excellent learning opportunities in the early years are set with the foundational skills to help them succeed for the rest of their lives?

Workshop Objectives:

  • Play-based, student centered activities

  • Applying theme-based learning

  • Fundamentals of reading and writing

  • How to use bulletin boards and manipulatives

Language Arts Instruction

Developing action plans to reach every reader (ages 7-16+)

We believe that differentiating instruction makes learning more purposeful, impactful, and beneficial to both teachers and learners.


Workshop Objectives:

  • Guided reading to enhance reading strategies and comprehension

  • Writers workshop

  • Choosing text types (importance of fiction vs. non-fiction and ‘Just Right Books’)

Singapore Math

Teaching problem solving skills and practical application of mathematic concepts throughout the curriculum (ages 3-12+)

Imparting best practices in teaching mathematics will help students, teachers, and schools integrate mathematical concepts and reach comprehensive understanding.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Teaching problem solving strategies

  • Emphasizing basic skills in real-life applications

  • Learning the pedagogical approach to teaching mathematical thinking


Classroom and Behavior Management:

Promoting a positive learning environment for long-term classroom success (ages 3-16+)

All children are able to learn and succeed if the environment and teaching techniques are organized and structured to meet their needs.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Creating learning environments that engage children and maintain behavior expectations

  • Teaching children to love school through a positive school identity approach

  • Clear rules and routines that lead to a smoother school day

  • Leadership development in students and individualized behaviour plans

Digitizing the Classroom:

Use of technology for teachers and students (Ages 3-16+)

Empowering teachers with technology in the classroom takes learning and student engagement to new heights.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Digital instruction and how to use available equipment

  • Using inventive approaches to technology in the classroom

  • Videos to demonstrate effectiveness

Measurement, Evaluation, and Cost Estimates:

Teaching problem solving skills and practical application of mathematic concepts throughout the curriculum (ages 3-12+)

With some of the best  educational consultants in Ghana, EduHive Africa implements on-going monitoring and evaluation of our programs in order to measure our impact, ensure progress towards the clients’ goals, and demonstrate academic improvement.  A key component of our teacher development is to communicate the importance of data driven instruction and target setting for student achievement.  Through the use of external academic assessments, continuous feedback from educators, and monthly progress reports, we are able to refine our practices and strengthen our approach.

In partnership with Aduvie International School, EduHive Africa will be able to offer data collection and evaluation on the use of professional development content in ensuring quality instructional practices in the school. This will not only strengthen school academic systems but increase learning outcomes and influence the school’s reputation in the community.