EduHive Africa


EduHive Africa is an education consultancy firm that offers professional development solutions and consultancy services for schools, organizations, and individual educators throughout Ghana and Africa. 

With over 65 years of combined teaching and professional development training experience, we’ve constructed programs that empower teachers to collaborate, think critically, and transform instructional practices. Our programs are designed to equip education professionals with innovative approaches to teaching and learning and to employ data-driven modules that effect noticeable improvements in teacher and student performance.


We offer consultancy services for educators and administrators looking for expert advice on how to take their schools and institutions to the next level. From preschool to secondary, we’ve worked at every educational level and in every type of organizational structure. We will be quick to recommend a path towards the future you envision for your institution and a path towards better educational opportunities throughout Africa

Our Approach

EduHive Africa holds firmly to the philosophy that children learn best through active interplay with their peers and adults, and their learning increases when they are engaged in activities that have meaning to them. As educators, we must exude confidence in our teaching ability. Our ability is enhanced through the acquisition of knowledge that allows us to pique the interest of children by recognizing their individuality and stimulating their passion to learn. EduHive Africa believes that educators can nurture each child’s individuality by providing them with a safe and involving environment which enables them to develop their ideas and opinions. Educators must be confident, knowing that the children leaving their care/tutelage are moving on, encouraged to look further into the horizon, more excited about learning than they did when they first came under their care.

The EduHive Team

Who We Are

Abena Takyi Kwakwa

An educator for over 25 years who thrives on seeing children perform at their maximum potential. Equipping children and teachers with the needed tools to uncover their untapped potential is her everyday quest. Her expertise in the field spans from her work experience on three continents – North America, South America, and Africa. Early Years instruction and creating inviting classroom environments are the key areas under which she designs her professional development workshops and courses. With her unique ability to pinpoint the individual needs of children and teachers, Abena continues to effectively impact teaching and learning and is thoroughly enjoys every minute of it.

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Dr. Yvonne Young

A dynamic and accomplished educational leader, Yvonne brings a wealth of experience and wisdom to her work in Ghana after retiring as a superintendent in New York. With a passion for transforming teaching practices, Yvonne is dedicated to empowering educators across Ghana to embrace innovative and student-centered approaches in the classroom.

Having served in education for over three decades, Yvonne possesses a deep understanding of curriculum development and instructional strategies. She is adept at bridging theory with practical implementation, especially in early childhood and primary education. Yvonne’s commitment extends to conducting workshops and seminars tailored to Ghanaian educators, focusing on effective leadership, curriculum design, and fostering inclusive learning environments.

Yvonne finds joy in mentoring and supporting educators to excel in their roles, believing that investing in teachers ultimately enriches the learning experiences of young minds. Her expertise in educational leadership and her genuine enthusiasm for the teaching profession continue to positively impact schools and communities across Ghana.

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Jane Amoaning-Kyei

A dedicated, resourceful, and goal-driven professional educator with a strong desire to affect the teaching style of the African teacher; to help them realise that interactive lessons do more for both the teacher and the student. One of Jane’s greatest joys is observing an engaging classroom where both the teacher and the students play a vital role in the delivery of instruction.

With over 25 years’ experience as an educator working in both the Early Years and the Primary Years spaces, Jane has developed a somewhat adaptable ability to work with various age groups, in various subject areas with a keen sense of reaching and understanding teachers who teach the children in the aforementioned stages. She enjoys delivering Professional Development Workshops/Courses in the Singapore Math Teaching Approach, Effective Classroom Management as well as Strategies to teach Reading and Writing in the Primary Years Classroom

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